Miami Welcomes Gay Pride πŸŒˆ

So a few weeks back, I attended Miami Beach’s Annual Gay Pride Festival. It was, as always, an incredible celebration of all sexualities.

Being that it was my third year in a row attending the festival, I had enough knowledge of what to do. With a parade that featured Iggy Izalea and Elvis Duran, drag shows, and a special concert by A surprise guest, there was never a dull moment.

I’m sure all of you readers have attended a parade before. And a drag show is more than an experience, to say the least. But what you all probably want to know most about is the special guest performer.

That’s right everyone! The special guest performance was by none other than the beautiful and talented, Jordin Sparks!

With a voice like that, who wouldn’t want her being on that main stage to close out the festival.

The performance included some of her hits such as One Step At A Time, No Air, and one of her more recent hits, Double Tap.

She connected with the audience and definitely made this years Miami Beach Gay Pride, one for the books!

Lots of love,

Ashleigh πŸ’ž

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